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Art 1.5 kgs Ultra Clear 2:1 Epoxy Art Resin

Crafted for perfection, our epoxy resin delivers flawless results for your artistic projects. With versatility at its core, it seamlessly integrates into various applications, ensuring a bubble-free finish every time.



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Transform your artistic visions into stunning reality with our Art 1.5 kgs Ultra Clear 2:1 Epoxy Art Resin. Each package contains 1000gms of resin and 500gms of hardener, meticulously sealed in airtight bottles for optimal preservation. With an easy-to-follow 2:1 mixing ratio, simply utilize a kitchen weight machine for effortless preparation.

Crafted for perfection, our clear art craft resin epoxy kit boasts fast-drying properties and unparalleled durability. When mixed in the correct ratio and stirred thoroughly, it delivers flawless results, ensuring impeccable quality every time.

Perfect for river tables and wood applications, our epoxy resin ensures a flawless, bubble-free finish with careful stirring.

Our art resin is incredibly versatile, catering to various applications such as casting, coating, artwork, and jewelry making. It seamlessly integrates with silicone molds, from coasters to countertops, without causing any tears or damage.

Experience the epitome of quality with our self-leveling epoxy resin, delivering a crystal-clear, high-gloss finish that remains scratch-free and resilient. With low odor and superior UV resistance, your artwork stays vivid and color-stable for the long term.

Crafted with a professional-grade formula, our resin epoxy ensures minimal bubbles, self-defoaming, and self-leveling properties. Safe, non-toxic, and pigments that do not settle after mixing, unleash your creativity and bring your resin creations to life with ease and vibrancy.

Unlock the potential of your artistic endeavors with our Art 1.5 kgs Ultra Clear 2:1 Epoxy Art Resin. Elevate your crafts, jewelry, and artwork to new heights of perfection with a resin that is not only reliable but also remarkably versatile.

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